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Hey Shubham

Based on the result of the acne test, you are at the moderate grade  of acne. 
You don't have to worry at all because our acne treatment plan offers 100% results for treatment of grade 2 acne.
Our three month acne treatment plan makes sure that we work on all the root cause of your acne. 

Root causes of acne

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Acne removal holistic treatment plan for moderate grade

Acne treatment kit- Facewash Moisturizer Antibiotic Acne pads Oral medications Topical medications
Rs. 2879
Vitamin and Mineral supplements
Rs. 423
Customized doctor prescription
Rs. 1000 (Free)
Nutrition plan
Rs. 500 (Free)
Personal skin coach
Rs.500 (Free)


Your plan at Rs @ Rs. 



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