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Skin brightening ultra max kit

Contains : Depigmenting face wash, Skin lotion, Advanced Sunscreen for Radiance, Skin brightening serum, Skin Brightening Cream, Nutrient-Enriched Skin Brightening Supplement


Who is this kit for?

Our Skin Brightening kit is  meticulously developed by dermatologists  to maximize and elevate your skin's inherent luminosity. Each product in the kit contributes to a more radiant and enhanced complexion:

Advanced Sunscreen for Radiance: Our dermatologist-endorsed sunscreen offers state-of-the-art UV protection while effectively preventing the formation of dark spots and irregular skin tone, ensuring the preservation of your skin's newfound brilliance.

Hydrating  Moisturizer: This specially formulated moisturizer not only deeply hydrates your skin but also imparts potent brightening agents, resulting in a dewy, impeccably even-toned complexion.

Skin Brightening Cream: Our skin brightening cream precisely targets the dark spots and pigmentation, unveiling a clearer, more radiant skin tone.

Nutrient-Enriched Skin Brightening Supplement: Our dermat recommended supplement is infused with vital nutrients to fortify a more balanced and radiant complexion.

This kit, underpinned by scientific rigor and expert dermatological insight, provides achieving a clear and  radiant complexion. Unlock the full potential of your skin with our Skin Brightening Kit and embrace the transformation into a more luminous, resplendent you.

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